Thursday, 27 April 2017

Thursday, April 27

In class we solved a "smart pilot" problem in which we determine the proper bearing for a plane to take given the plane's airspeed, a wind vector and the distance and bearing between the origin and destination.


1) Chapter 8 Review on p. 483: complete 1-11

2) Graded Problem write-up

Smart Pilot, MYP Criteria D Problem Write Up               

  • Question: How would a pilot plot a rudimentary course between two points using trigonometry to determine the correct bearing and flight duration?
  • Find two cities and determine the distance and bearing from one to the other (as the crow flies)
  • Find the airspeed of a plane
  • Find a wind speed and bearing that you think would be reasonable (may not be in a nice line with your plane)
  • Determine the bearing which the pilot should follow, the duration of the flight
  • Present your work and explanation [Graded on Criteria D] Due on Tuesday

Wednesday/Thursday, April 26-27

Wednesday in class  we took notes on logic and proof. Students learned how to determine the truth of a conditional statement which has the form if p, then q. And took notes on a geometric proof that a quadrilateral with 4 right angles must have congruent opposite sides (aka, the opposite sides of a rectangle are congruent).

There was no HW yesterday, but we started 7.5 Set/Go. Today we reviewed some explanations/geometric proofs and took some notes on triangle congruence. Students should be in the habit of drawing diagrams to represent information (when there is not a diagram present)

Assignment: Complete 7.5 Task + RSG.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Tuesday, April 25

Reminder, Volume Project is due at the beginning of class on Thursday. Wednesday will be the final work time in class. I'm really excited to see the finished projects, so many interesting questions are being investigated!

For example, the two circles described on the wall of the classroom in tape represent the size of a 1cm thick dum-dum which would be needed to contain the sugar consumed and recommended for consumption by the average teenager in a year. The question is which circle is recommended and which is consumed??

Inline image 1 

Tuesday, April 25

In class: we worked on testing hypotheses, writing and proving conjectures about the center of circles and also the angles in a cyclic quadrilateral.

Assignment: Create 3 test cases, write a conjecture and prove it — aka complete the "Cyclic Quadrilaterals" investigation (from handout)

Monday, 24 April 2017

Monday, April 24

In class: students received rubric and project sheet for the volume project. Project is due on Thursday at the beginning of class.  Also, students had their Chapter 10 test due this morning. Tomorrow and Wednesday will be devoted to students completing their projects.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Friday, April 21, Law of Sines

In class: notes on Law of Sines — using it to solve for missing sides and angles in a general triangle, the ambiguous case SSA. Ambiguous only when the angle is acute, and the non-adjacent side is shorter than the adjacent side, and greater than the length given by assuming that the triangle is right and solving for the side length using sine/cosine/tangent ratios.

1) 8.6 on p. 472: 1-9, 15
2) Read 8.7 on Law of Cosines
3) Complete 8.5/8.6 practice problems from packet

Friday, April 21

In class Spiral Check + Chapter 10 Quiz (Criteria D). Students are allowed to bring the quiz home. Expectation is that students work by themselves to complete all problems, no sharing or cooperation allowed for the quiz. It is due at the beginning of class on Monday if not already submitted.