Saturday, 22 April 2017

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Thursday, April 20

Today's assignment.

1) The "Volume #1, April 26th" worksheet of challenge problems. Complete as much as you can — each problem would be considered an HP problem.

2) Complete at least 12 problems from the chapter 10 review to prepare for the volume quiz on chapter 10 which is tomorrow.

3) If you have extra time, work on the Volume project which will be due next week — TBD.

Here are most of my answers to the challenge problems worksheet

Inline image 1

Inline image 2
Inline image 3

Inline image 4

Thursday, April 20

In class students worked to complete two packets —

1. How many ways can you make a unique triangle

2. Constructions

I was away with my Advisory on a field trip to the Oregon Food Bank.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Wednesday, April 19

In class: we worked on constructions and identifying the conditions for triangle congruence. For example, Can you tell why either 0 or 1 triangles are possible given any set of three side lengths?

Inline image 1

The side lengths from point A and B must meet at a point but if we let them swing, we will notice that the arc traced out by their endpoints only meet at one place (2 if we allow the reflection of this situation on the other side of segment AB)

Inline image 2

And so all triangles constructed from those three lengths will be congruent to the triangle below.

Inline image 3

Assignment: In class we started a packet "How many ways can you identify a unique triangle?" this is not homework. Students will have time to complete this in class tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 19

In class we worked on a great riddle in 5th period

(please no spoilers, answer is in the video, I just refuse to watch until I have solved it)

Also, students had a bit of time to work on a packet "Volume #1, April 26th" (excuse the date, was from last year and I didn't update). We had an unusual schedule due to the afternoon assembly.

Assignment: Complete Volume #1 and complete the calculations for your volume question by Friday.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Tuesday, April 18

In class gravity and projectile motion discussed. Students should be able to model the path of an object subject to the force of gravity and initial velocity and angle (ignoring friction/air resistance) and do so using both parametric and non-parametric equations.


1) 8.3/8.4 worksheet

2) 8.5 on p. 464: 2-12 even, 13-16. Also, note that you will need the gravity table on p. 460

Inline image 1

3) Read the section before/during or after you complete your assignment

Tuesday, April 18

In class students worked on 7.3 Task + RSG also I worked with a group of students (who asked for more instruction) on various constructions

  • copy segment and angle
  • bisect segment and angle
  • construct a parallel line to a given line through a point not on the line
  • construct a perpendicular line at a point on a line or construct a perpendicular to a line given a point not on the line

Assignment: Complete 7.3 Task + RSG

Tuesday, April 18

In class students worked on challenge problems worksheet 10.7 and also started to research their volume question.


1. Collect all the data for your volume project — (internet search, estimation, actual real-world data collection)

2. 10.7 Practice Your Skills worksheet

Here are some example project ideas

* If every player every day comes home covered in little pieces of turf from the field, then how long until the turf field I play soccer on is reduced to a barren dirt field?

* If all the trees that were cut down in Oregon in 2016 were placed in a pile with a 100 ft diameter, how high would that pile reach into the sky? What would it look like if the pile were located in downtown Portland or Beaverton?

* If all the sugar that Americans will consume this year were to fill an imaginary coca-cola can with base dimensions equal to a standard coke bottle and unbounded height (so that the can would be able to contain all that sugar) — how far away from the super tall can would you be able to stand and still be able to see it given the curvature of the earth?

* If you collected all the CO_2 in the atmosphere and placed it in a ring around the earth (let earth be approximated by a sphere) at ground level — how would plant and animal life change? (also, obviously, how tall off the ground would the CO_2 ring rise)

Monday, 17 April 2017

Monday April 17th

Assignment: 7.2 Task +RSG.

Students need to know how to construct regular hexagon, equilateral triangle given a circle. Also, constructing parallelograms, parallel lines, copy segments and angles, and various problems involving shapes and construction… e.g. Given a segment AB, find all points C such that triangle ABC is an equilateral triangle.

Monday, April 17


1. 10.6 on p. 547: 1-8, 12-19

2. Select topic for volume project. Write question to explore. You may work with a partner or by yourself.

3. Complete the 10.5/10.6 worksheet