Friday, May 5

In class students had time to work on assignments and I floated around to different groups. I stamped all assignments that were complete at this time. There have been 4 assignments not including the assignment from today (which would not be stamped yet.

Showing steps: I know this is a battle with many students who claim that they can get the answer without showing work, and I would like to weigh in and say that I expect students to show their steps and I insist that they do it. If your student is not showing work you may find notes from me in their spiral, sometimes in VERY LARGE font and glorious marker color 🙂 That said, I think that those who either by nature or nurture have come to be accustomed to showing work have an easier time progressing through more difficult topics, learning from their practice, communicating with those around them about problems and get more value out of their past work and spiral.

Assignment: 11.4 on p. 588: Investigation 1 and 2, also complete 1-14, 16