Monday, Dec. 12th

Hi All —

I was informed that I was incorrect when I predicted 100% chance of school for last Thursday. The question is why would I have been wrong even if we had in fact had school last Thursday. If I said 100% chance of school and then school happens surely my estimate was correct. Anyway, I hope you stayed warm or found a way to enjoy the cold!

In class today students worked on their chapter 4 assessment. This will be a write-up and not a test. Students can work independently or in pairs. They are allowed to use notes and to discuss problems with each other but must use their own words to explain their ideas. If they get help from someone else they should credit that person and explain in what way they were helped. I will give more work time tomorrow in class and the write-up is due on Wednesday at the start of class. Need the ch. 4 assessment? Click here.
Assignment: Chapter 4 Reasoning Assessment due Thursday