Monday, Jan 23

Hi All —

In class today we reviewed the definitions and properties of quadrilaterals, completed an example proof and had time for students to prepare for their test tomorrow. On the test they will answer a set of True/False questions, a set of "find the angle or measure"  questions and be given a list of properties of shapes from which to select two statements to prove.

Here is an example from the board of a few proofs which were done during class.

Proof #1 — Demonstrate that a rhombus is a parallelogram

Inline image 1

Proof #2: The base angles of an isosceles trapezoid are congruent. This proof makes use of another property of parallelograms which is that opposite sides are congruent. Also the last statement should be supported by a reason.

Inline image 2

Tonight's assignment is to prepare for the ch. 5 test.