Monday, May 1

In class we took notes on proportions and similarity. Two shapes are similar if all their corresponding side lengths are in proportion and all their corresponding angles are congruent.

Assignment: 11.1 on p. 568: 7-15, 18-24

Heads up: We are scheduled to complete SBAC testing soon.

May 11, May 12 — SBAC Math Performance Task (PT)
May 24, May 25 — SBAC Math Computer Adaptive Test (CAT)

For the testing period students will be assign
ed a chromebook and the testing will happen in P-4 (our normal classroom in the portables). Students will need only to bring a pencil/pen. Other resources will be provided: calculators, protractors, paper, etc. Here is a link to the SBAC practice portal if you are interested.

Students should also plan to bring a quiet, non-disruptive activity with them for when they finish. No use of internet devices will be allowed during test days – so cell phones etc. will need to be off and away for the entirety of the testing session. Once testing is complete, working on a puzzle, reading an SSR book, or drawing are the main options.

Let me know if you have any questions about testing.