Monday, May 1

In class we completed some example proofs and practiced writing proofs of triangle congruence which will be used soon as essential pieces in proving other geometric relationships and the validity of our constructions.

Assignment: Complete "Proofs Practice" packet + mathcounts handout (included)

Heads up: We are scheduled to complete SBAC testing soon.

May 11, May 12 — SBAC Math Performance Task (PT)
May 24, May 25 — SBAC Math Computer Adaptive Test (CAT)

For the testing period students will be assign
ed a chromebook and the testing will happen in P-4 (our normal classroom in the portables). Students will need only to bring a pencil/pen. Other resources will be provided: calculators, protractors, paper, etc. Here is a link to the SBAC practice portal if you are interested.

Students should also plan to bring a quiet, non-disruptive activity with them for when they finish. No use of internet devices will be allowed during test days – so cell phones etc. will need to be off and away for the entirety of the testing session. Once testing is complete, working on a puzzle, reading an SSR book, or drawing are the main options.

Let me know if you have any questions about testing.