Thursday, April 27

In class we solved a "smart pilot" problem in which we determine the proper bearing for a plane to take given the plane's airspeed, a wind vector and the distance and bearing between the origin and destination.


1) Chapter 8 Review on p. 483: complete 1-11

2) Graded Problem write-up

Smart Pilot, MYP Criteria D Problem Write Up               

  • Question: How would a pilot plot a rudimentary course between two points using trigonometry to determine the correct bearing and flight duration?
  • Find two cities and determine the distance and bearing from one to the other (as the crow flies)
  • Find the airspeed of a plane
  • Find a wind speed and bearing that you think would be reasonable (may not be in a nice line with your plane)
  • Determine the bearing which the pilot should follow, the duration of the flight
  • Present your work and explanation [Graded on Criteria D] Due on Tuesday