Thursday, June 8 + Facial Tissue Request 😤

It would be a great help if you can send any donations of facial tissue! Many students have runny noses this time of the year and our previous classroom stockpile of facial tissue has run out completely. If you can send a box to school with your student that would be a great help! Thank you! 

Upcoming: Trigonometry Test on Tuesday, June 13th.

In class: Problem solving with trigonometry. In order to be Highly Proficient in trigonometry students need to be able to solve a variety of problems involving right and non-right triangles. They should be able to write and solve equations involving $sin, cos$ and $tan$ as well as their inverses, recognize how to construct right triangles and use them to find missing measurements in non-right triangles. Recognize and explain how S-S-A information about a triangle may be ambiguous and measure both cases. Also, HP students will understand and be able to prove the Law of Sines and Cosines for acute triangles.

Assignment: For Monday students should complete

Problem Set #1 ("June 7")

Problem Set #2 ("Trigonometry p-set #6")

Notes: I made a trig review worksheet (here)