Tuesday and Wednesday, Jan 3/4

In class yesterday students had time to work on their video projects and we spent some time reviewing topics from before break. Much of what we have worked on in Module 3 is related to functions (using mathematical vocabulary/notation, and comparing the key features of say a graph to the real world context).

Yesterday's assignment was
* 3.7 "TF or not TF" 1-15, Ready (2, 4, 5), Go (15, 16)

Today's assignment is to try to solve the Two Ferries Problem (below)

Ferry A and Ferry B are on opposite sides of a wide river. A has a more powerful motor than B and is able to travel at a faster pace than B. Both ferries leave their dock at the same time and travel at a constant pace towards the opposite side of the river, when they first cross paths they are 720 yards from B's side of the river.

They each reach the opposite side (at different times), turn around immediately and head back towards their original location. While traveling back towards their original dock they cross paths again. This time they cross 400 yards from A's original side of the river.

Using only this information it is possible to determine how wide the river is, so how wide is it?

I hope you all had a good vacation and it is nice to see everyone back at school!