Tuesday, April 18

In class students worked on challenge problems worksheet 10.7 and also started to research their volume question.


1. Collect all the data for your volume project — (internet search, estimation, actual real-world data collection)

2. 10.7 Practice Your Skills worksheet

Here are some example project ideas

* If every player every day comes home covered in little pieces of turf from the field, then how long until the turf field I play soccer on is reduced to a barren dirt field?

* If all the trees that were cut down in Oregon in 2016 were placed in a pile with a 100 ft diameter, how high would that pile reach into the sky? What would it look like if the pile were located in downtown Portland or Beaverton?

* If all the sugar that Americans will consume this year were to fill an imaginary coca-cola can with base dimensions equal to a standard coke bottle and unbounded height (so that the can would be able to contain all that sugar) — how far away from the super tall can would you be able to stand and still be able to see it given the curvature of the earth?

* If you collected all the CO_2 in the atmosphere and placed it in a ring around the earth (let earth be approximated by a sphere) at ground level — how would plant and animal life change? (also, obviously, how tall off the ground would the CO_2 ring rise)