Tuesday, Dec. 13

In class students took notes on logarithms, got back Chapter 4 tests and had a bit of time to start looking at the assignments dealing with Logarithms or reviewing their tests. The Chapter 4 scores were not good overall. I told the class that some students are earning low scores because they are not putting enough effort into learning the material and that if this is the case then they have to step up and take responsibility for their work. At the same time when I see low scores I feel responsible and want to help them improve. So, I am meeting with students tomorrow during my plan time and would like to see many students do a retake when they are ready. I imagine this would be after winter vacation.

For Thursday: 5.6 investigation on p. 273 steps 1-8, and on p. 276: 1-7, 9
To be assigned on Thursday due when we return
5.7 on p. 282: 1-5, 8, 10
5.8 on p. 289: 1-5, 7