Tuesday, Nov. 29th

In class today students got back their 2-variable statistics project. The main thing I noticed that students could have done better was to interpret the real-world meaning of their results in a more specific manner. Papers with statements like the following

that the slope of the median median line is negative which means that crime is decreasing.

could be greatly improved if they wrote about the specific numbers, including units, and then included generalizations.

the slope of your median median line is negative .0078 which means that for each additional person in the population we expect a decrease in the number of violent crimes of .0078. In other words for every additional thousand people in the population I would expect to see almost 8 fewer violent crimes. This is interesting because it means that our population is growing at the same time as the number of violent crimes is shrinking.

Students had time to work on Chapter 4 review problems, update their statistics write-up and work on the next chapter 5 assignment. I also gave everyone a study guide for the test on Thursday.


  • 5.3 on p. 256: 1-5, 10-16
  • 5.4 on p. 263: 1-10

Reminder: Chapter 4 test on Thursday.