Tuesday, Nov. 29th

Progress Report grades were entered yesterday. I had a meeting and raced to get all my marks entered before I had to leave CPMS for a meeting with other BSD teachers to discuss the implementation of the new AGS1 course. One thing I noticed while entering in some scores was that there were a decent number of students in the class who would benefit from some more practice and a chance to try the module 2 test again. So, there will be a re-take of the Module 2 test on Friday. I am asking all students to do the retake and will count only the better of their two scores (retake vs. original).

In class we worked on a new problem set and a module 2 review. We also shared some great Thanksgiving stories  🙂

HW: Mathcounts w/s and Module 2 review

Note: Module 2 retake test on Friday. Best score from original and retake counts for grade.