Wednesday, March 1

In class students asked questions and we solved problems to get ready for the Chapter 6 Test. The chapter Review on p. 351: 1-10 is today's assignment.

Study Guide On the ch. 6 test students will need to be able to:

  • Perform matrix arithmetic, including addition, subtraction, multiplication (by a scalar or another matrix) by hand. This includes determining when two matrices cannot be added / multiplied etc. due to their dimensions.
  • Represent and solve a system of equations using an augmented matrix and row reduction by hand (quickly solving a 2 variable, 2 equation system, and able to solve a 3-variable, 3 equation system given sufficient time)
  • Solve a system of inequalities by graphing the inequalities and clearly finding the feasible region (again by hand)
  • Solve a linear programming problem by writing a system of inequalities to represent the constraints, finding the feasible region, and determining a point to maximize or minimize a profit function.
  • Recognize situations in which a transition diagram and transition matrix should be used. Use transition matrices and matrix operations to solve real-world problems.