Wednesday, May 24

Students took the Similarity test (chapter 11) on Friday. This week we have learned the right-triangle definition of the trigonometric functions sine, cosine and tangent. As of now these functions take as input one of the non-right angles in a right triangle and their output is a specific ratio of sides in all such similar right triangles.

So, based on this definition, if sin(35^circ) approx .57 that means that in any right triangle with a 35^circ angle, the ratio of dfrac{text{opposite side}}{text{adjacent side}} is approximately .57. In the figure below this means that dfrac{AC}{BC} approx .57.

Inline image 1


Monday: No HW

Tuesday: 12.1 on p. 620-624: 4-9, 14-22, 27


1. "Understanding sine/cosine/tangent and their inverses" w/s

2. (3rd Period) 12.1 worksheet

2. (5th Period) 12.2 worksheet